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Cooperation network for Latvian electronics and electrical engineering and related industries` companies, research and education institutions

Cluster Management Excellence

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To develop new, innovative electronics and electrical engineering products, to stimulate exports and increase competitiveness, the electronics and electrical engineering sector companies and research and educations institutions in 2011 created a common network of collaboration or LETERA Cluster.

Cluster activities
Facilitation of growth the cluster members turnover and export volumes
Increase productivity of cluster members
Creating innovations and new products
Development of human resources and creation of new jobs
International cooperation

The cluster`s members are Latvian companies and research and educations institutions, which representing the electronics and electrical engineering industry. Cluster members have pooling resources, knowledge and best practices to make the whole sector and each company stronger and more competitive on the global market as well as boost sales and export volumes.

Key facts of cluster
Total turnover 2022
€ 826 716 984
€ 598 869 886
Number of employees
3 214
Investment in research and development
€ 35 903 739

Project Nr. “Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics”