UAV Factory releases upgraded portable pneumatic catapult system
UAV Factory

LETERA member UAV Factory is pleased to announce the release of our upgraded Unmanned Aircraft System Portable Pneumatic Catapult system. As before, the catapults are available in different sizes of 4 or 6 meters, but compared to the previous versions have significantly increased available launch energies – up to 11 kJ for the 4 m and 16 kJ for the 6 m version. The new 4 meter catapult is now 60% more powerful than the previous version and the 6 meter catapult has gained additional 35% energy increase. The major energy increase became possible thanks to complete redesign of pneumatic system, which now permits a pneumatic pressure of up to 16 bars. The new Catapult system enables the user to launch aircraft with weights of up to 60 kg to a maximum launch speed of 26 m/s.

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