Testing Services for Electroacoustic Devices in Riga Technical University
Riga Technical University

The electroacoustic laboratory ELAKU  at Faculty of electronics and telecomunication offers measurements and consultations services in field of electro-acoustics.

The laboratory is fully equipped to perform qualitatively the necessary measurements according the client requirements: an anechoic chamber; electrical and acoustical measurement system CLIO 11; electrical and acoustical measurement system CLIO POCKET; impedance tube; spherical sound box (dodecahedron type) for audio measurements in rooms.

The electrical and acoustical measurements systems allow to perform:

  • measurements of electrical networks parameters;
  • measurements of electronic equipment parameters;
  • measurement of speaker and sound box parameters;
  • microphone parameter estimation;
  • measurement of headphone and hearing aids parameters;
  • measurement of acoustic parameters of rooms.

The both electrical and acoustical measurement systems have following measurable parameters and features:

  • MLS and LOG CHIRP analysis;
  • sinusoidal analysis;
  • FFT, RTA and “LIVE” transfer function; multifunctional signal generator parameters;
  • impedance measurement and Thiele-Small parameters;
  • directivity and 3-D ballons;
  • time frequency analysis;
  • acoustical parameters and STI;
  • Leq analysis;
  • linearity and distortion;
  • WOW and Flutter analysis.
    The CLIO 11 system also supports quality control.

Contact us by e-mail:  etf@rtu.lv

Laboratory ELAKU
(room 216)
Azenes iela 12, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia

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