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Project Nr. "Latvian Electronics and Electrical engineering cluster"



Common cooperation network in which companies, research, education and other institutions, which operates in certain region or industry and related industries


Goal of the Cluster:

Facilitate the cooperation between electric and electronics industry companies, education and research institutions, to raise the overall level of industries and entrepreneurs competitiveness, to facilitate of export turnover, innovation and new product creation in electric and electronics industries

Mission of the Cluster:
- Improve Latvian Electronics and Electrical Engineering industry and make each of the industry’s companies more stronger and competitive worldwide by consolidating resources, knowledge and examples of industry’s good practice;
- Facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation of the industries companies and develop competitive chain of product manufacturing;
- Knowledge transfer, exchange of experience and raise overall level of knowledge in industry as well as development of human resources;
- Promotion of positive brand of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering industry;
- Facilitation of sale and export growth;
- Strengthening positions in international professional circulation

Directions of Cluster activities:
1. Cluster coordination, planning of the common development plan, and facilitation of cooperation;
2. Facilitation of export and marketing, specialization on international markets;
3. Provision with labor, development the image of the industry;
4. Facilitation of research, development and innovation;
5. Implementation of good practice in industries productivity improvement

In order to ensure successful work and implementation of activities of cluster, not only entrepreneurs, but as well as research and educational institutions, which holds a significant influence on industry’s development are involved. Cluster cooperation partner – cooperation of entrepreneurs is determined by specialization (niche of custom made products, production agreed in agreements, interconnected services), by competency and ability to transfer it to the partners involved.